The Final Farewell

Club members, parents, children and public; this is our final farewell to the HSYSC. It has been an outstanding past couple of years. With many hurdles along the way we have worked relentlessly to rectify any issues and better our club that we are all very proud of. From a change of equipment providers to successful fundraising events, these past terms have been something special.

We established a strong connection with major labels like TFC and Tim Hortons! All to better this experience for the children of HSYSC! We pushed and brainstormed ways to lower registrations costs so every child has an opportunity to play.

The donation to the children’s park at our home field of Shady Acres was one of our greatest accomplishments this past year and has proven to be worth every penny according to our kids. Our new soccer nets, lawnmower and closer relationship with the executive team at Shady Acres and the executive team of SNF has made the progressive 59th year of HSYSC unlike any other.

Your executive team starting with President Sasa Stankovic, Vice-President Dejan Rajsic, Treasurer Sue Zdero, Secretary Milka Dosenovic, Club Administrator/Registrar Branka Rajsic, Equipment Manager Mike Vidovic and Fields Coordinator Drasko Zdero, would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us and being patient and considerate throughout this entire process. We have formed a family of our own staying up until the early hours of the morning discussing what our next big thing is and waking up even earlier to make it to a meeting for even more!

Our – YOUR – 2017 President Sasa Stankovic has worked unlike any other, we couldn’t have done it without him!

We wish forever the best for HSYSC and send all congratulations to Lela Stevanovic! We are always here to help and support you along the way.


From our family to yours,





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