2022 Code of Conduct / Zero Tolerance Policy


Code of Conduct

Effective communication, respect for all, and consistency of how expectations are handled are critical success factors in team-based sports.  Hamilton Serbians Youth Soccer Club (HSYSC) has adopted a Code of Conduct / Zero Tolerance approach to support a positive sport community. Accordingly, each team is responsible for communicating and establishing their respective policies and expectations in support of the HSYSC Constitution, By-laws and this Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy as follows:

HSYSC Constitution & By-laws:   All Parents, Players, Coaching Staff & Club Executives are governed and will abide by the HSYSC Constitution and By-laws, HSYSC Policies (as included here), Ontario Soccer Association Rules (OSA), and League Rules (Hamilton Multijurisdictional Soccer League or other). Each team is responsible for communicating and upholding these policies along with respective expectations set by the Head Coach, Team Management and Club executive. Copies of these documents can also be provided by HSYSC Executives, the HSYSC website, OSA website and League website.

Fair Play Code:

  1. Always treat others (coaches, parents, officials and players) the same way that you want yourself and your child to be treated. Set the example by showing respect, dignity, and total sportsmanship at all times, on and off the field.
  2. Bring your child to practice and games ON TIME that is set by your coach. Your coach will implement gradual consequences for not meeting team expectations and will communicate these to players/parents at season startup and throughout season as needed. Always dress in a team uniform (or tracksuits). Ensure gym bag is properly packed (with extra uniform set), wear shin guards & soccer cleats. Plan to eat healthy meals, however try not to eat at least 1-hour before a game/practice. Always have water to drink before, during and after a game/training. No jewelry is allowed and must be removed before you arrive on the field.
  3. Parents are encouraged to watch their child play. Offer applause and cheers of encouragement FOR ALL PLAYERS, otherwise keep quiet. Actions which are NOT ACCEPTABLE to any player, coach, fan, game official or visiting team etc. are: booing, taunting, screaming, yelling or shouting comments in ANY LANGUAGE (SERBIAN, ENGLISH,..etc.) Violence or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. This conduct will result in fines imposed by the League and HSYSC, dismissal from the field and in extreme cases, de-registration from HSYSC.
  4. Always respect and accept the call of a Referee/Game Official and PLAY ON with the game. Do not verbally abuse the Referee/Game Official – You may not agree with a call, but an Official’s call should never be argued by parents, players, coaches and yelling at the Official/Referee will not be tolerated. Referees are human and will make mistakes, sometimes in our favor – if they are berated by angry parents or team officials they will officiate against our team (and possibly our Club) for future games. This conduct will result in fines by the League and HSYSC, and in extreme or repeated cases you will be dismissed from the field and your child will be deregistered from HSYSC.
  5. If you have any questions/concerns, ***FOLLOW THE “24hr RULE”*** – If you have an issue to discuss about how the coaching staff are running the team, or HSYSC Executives conduct, give “24hrs time” to think about the issue and then contact your PARENT LIAISON OR Team Manager(s). Your team officials will contact Club Executive for assistance as needed. If this attempt has failed, then contact a Club Official 48 hours AFTER the event (by email, telephone or in private when OFF THE FIELD).
  6. Put winning and losing into perspective – Games have winners and losers. Remind your child of the need to deal with both outcomes with sportsperson behaviors. Encourage enjoyment, team spirit, effort, development and participation, over the results.

Player Injuries: As per the OSA rules, only booked officials may assist a player on the field. Parent(s) are not permitted onto the playing surface, unless called onto the field by a team official. Often injuries are not serious and players can walk it off after a few minutes. If they are unable to walk it off the player will be assisted from the field and a substitution will occur. In cases of serious injury, game/team officials will contact 911 and medical assistance will be called and a parent/guardian of the injured player will be summoned onto the field by the team staff. All head injuries will result in a player substitution and no return in the game.

Player Arrivals | Spectator & Players Areas:  Players are expected to arrive on time to practices and games; as expected by their coach. Upon arriving & leaving the field, ALL PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED TO GREET THEIR COACHES AND TEAMMATES. This provides the players with a sense of respect and gives the coaches an opportunity to register players arriving and departing the playing field. Two players will be appointed as captains and will shake the referee’s hand as well as the opposing coach’s hand prior to the start of each game. Players are to remain on the player bench with their team and watch their game. Personal electronic devices are not permitted to be in use during practices and games. Players are expected to neatly line up their bags for every game, and clean up after themselves (i.e. no garbage or water bottles on the field).   All parents, siblings, grandparents, guardians and spectators are to be in the appropriate spectator areas, 3 feet away from the sidelines of the field for the duration of the game. Under no circumstances shall anyone sit or stand behind the goal line / net.

Player Absences/Late Arrivals:  All player absences and late arrivals must be communicated to the Coach or Manager at least 24 hours in advance of a game or practice. If the absence or late arrival is unscheduled (i.e. player is sick, traffic delays, etc.) then notify the Coach by email/phone in advance ASAP. If a player is continually late arriving to games and/or practices then playing time may be affected. If your child is late arriving, please make every effort to get them ready and run onto the player’s side of the field ASAP. If applicable, Game Sheet paperwork & signatures must be made by team officials for late arrivals or players leaving the field during a game.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Hamilton Serbians Youth Soccer Club (HSYSC) sustains all efforts to make sport safe for our youth. The HSYSC executive and team officials volunteer their personal time to uphold a positive community atmosphere for all to enjoy the game of soccer; for players to develop skills, teamwork, & sportsmanship within a fair play Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance policy.

Anyone, including but not limited to a coach, parent, grandparent or guardian, judged by the HSYSC Executive/Discipline Committee to be guilty of abusive conduct towards anyone in attendance at a HSYSC event, and/or violates the “Fair Play Code” and/or “Zero Tolerance Policy”, or conducts defamation towards HSYSC or any of its members, will be reprimanded in writing by HSYSC Executive.  A second conviction, during the same season will result in all playing Members of the immediate family in question being deregistered from the HSYSC.  In extreme cases, as determined by the HSYSC Executive/Discipline Committee, the de-registration process may be evoked after the first offense, and if necessary, the authorities will be involved.  

It is the parents/players responsibility to be aware of the OSA, Hamilton & District Soccer Association, Hamilton Serbians Youth Soccer Club (HSYSC) and Soccer League bylaws, policies, rules and regulations and agree to abide by them and be bound by them at all times (home field, away fields, off field travel etc). Parents are liable for any damage to playing equipment caused by themselves, or their child due to careless or negligent behavior.

Policy Procedures:  If any person(s) in attendance, including but not limited to, the game official feels that they are being abused, as per the scope of this policy, by either a coach or spectator, the game official will be allowed to suspend the game. In all cases, the game official must inform the coaches that the game has been abandoned and file a Special Incident Report with the Club, who will process this document in accordance with the rules defined by the OSA to the League and the District.

If the source of the abuse is one of the coaches, the game official will advise the coach that the next occurrence of a similar nature will result in an abandonment of the game. If the source is a spectator, the appropriate coach will provide the game official with the name of the spectator and the coach must advise the spectator that the next occurrence of a similar nature will result in an abandonment of the game.  If the spectator is not associated with either team the individual will be warned that local authorities may be called.  

Where the situation cannot be rectified, the game will be abandoned. However, if the incident has been resolved and the game continues without any further incident, the game official will inform his/her referee coordinator that the game was temporarily suspended, indicating the nature of the abuse/violation. In all cases, the game official will file a Special Incident Report to the League, District and HSYSC Executive/Discipline Committee for review and respective disciplinary action.

All HSYSC team officials or HSYSC Executives have the authority to dismiss any person(s), including but not limited to coaches, violating this policy at any team/club events (games, travel event, training, banquet etc.) if any scope of this policy is violated, including acts of defamation towards HSYSC, its executive, members, volunteers or others affiliated with HSYSC.  Fines will be imposed to any person(s) guilty of violating this policy by the HSYSC Executive/Discipline Committee.  

Fines:  Should fines be levied against the HSYSC Teams due to any zero tolerance policy infractions/League Rules/OSA Rules; the offending person(s) will be fully responsible to pay the associated fine including any additional charges levied to the Team for disciplinary hearings, administration costs, etc. Unpaid fines will result in suspension from the Club and will be reported to the District Association.

Directing Players:  All players, parents, siblings, grandparents, guardians and spectators will not direct the players or negatively criticize any players, parents, siblings, grandparents, guardians, spectators, or game official(s) in any way (in any language).  Two infractions as determined by the HSYSC Team officials (coaches and manager) will result in: immediate dismissal from the game, ban from the next game and $50.00 Code of Conduct fine. If a subsequent infraction occurs, the result will be a doubling of the previous ban or in extreme cases, as determined by the HSYSC Executive/Discipline Committee, the de-registration process may be evoked after the first offense.

Alcohol / Smoking:  All person(s) must abide by Ontario Liquor Laws and consume alcohol only within designated marked areas of a liquor permit. Local Authorities and Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario may carry out inspections and violations will incur fines, suspension of private liquor licenses and laws enforced upon individual(s).  All person(s) must abide by designated smoking signs and be aware that there is no smoking near players or playing areas during soccer league sanctioned events, and it is illegal to smoke on and around children’s playgrounds and publicly owned sport fields and surfaces (e.g., areas for basketball, soccer, baseball or beach volleyball, ice rinks, tennis courts, splash pads and swimming pools that are owned by a municipality, the province or a postsecondary education institution).